Everything you want to know about Gold

Basics about gold earning

How to make Money in LoL

Gold can be earned in several ways. The core is lasthitting enemy minions and monsters in the woods. Solid reward given to you if you kill the enemy hero, in addition you will receive smaller bonus if you helped to score a kill. Some characters have the ability to increase income. There are talents, runes, summoner spells and items that generate a small amount if gold. Finally, each character gets one coin per second. As an emergency measure can be recommended to sell unnecessary items to replace it with more appropriate.

Gold from minions

LoL Gold

To receive an reward for a minion, it is necessary to finish him. The number of attacks does not matter, because the money is given only to the one who struck the last blow. The amount of gold depends on the type of minion (ranged minions minions are worth less than melee, and those worth less than siege minion), and the length of the match. The longer the game, the greater the reward for minions.

Gold from monsters

If a monster live long enough then reward for his head grows to a certain threshold. In addition, the most powerful monsters give gold to the whole team at once, regardless of who struck the decisive blow.

Gold from heroes

The reward for killing the hero depends on how many murders he had committed since the last death. The more a series of murders, the more reward for his head. If he, on the contrary, was killed too often, then award will be reduced. Deal a finishing blow to the enemy and you will get full reward.

Gold with skills

These skills have a direct impact on the style of play . Example – Gangplank, bringing additional income, if he kill someone. Passive skill of Katarina increases her reward for the killing and assistance to 25 coins.

Passive income

This category include all income that not derived from taking action. Each character gets the coin in the second after the first minions will appear. Such income can be provided by runes, talents, or specific objects such as Philosopher’s Stone.


League of Legends

Items are resold for 70% of the purchase price, and items, that passively increasing income – 50% of the purchase price. This is not always effective, but sometimes it is justified.

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