Neeko: Balanced only after one patch

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With the launch of this mini-patch 8.24b, Neeko has formally been reside in League of Legends for an entire patch. We played with her widely during the previous two weeks and tracked her stats to determine exactly how balanced she actually is.

Neeko – the champion who doesn’t need balance?

We were particularly interested, since first impressions about the PBE tended to swing our view toward the “OP” class and off from “balanced” Well, PBE impressions are almost always tough to gauge, since the PBE meta is obviously enormously different from the live match, and today, we are pleased to report that we’re certainly incorrect. Not merely is it Neeko not over-powered, she is totally balanced.

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1 patch after launch, she is in a much healthier condition than we have ever seen before in additional fresh winners following the exact same time window. To begin with, let us discuss her amounts.

Let’s look at the statistics

She has a five percentage playrate at the middle lane, based on stats website, which will be her main place. That is actually kind of on the low side to get a brand-new winner, which is pretty shocking. Her winrate is the kicker, however, particularly when coupled with her quite mellow playrate.

Ordinarily, when a brand new winner comes out, it teeters down way round the 40 percent range (this will occur for either quite difficult or very feeble winners ), also it swings the other way to the 55 percent or more scope (either too powerful or too simple ). Neeko, using a strong five percentage playrate and 50 percent winrate, is slap in the center. Now, let us discuss why this is.

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When we originally reviewed Neeko’s energy pre-release, we believed her unbelievable AP scalings and comparative simplicity of landing harm would make her too powerful. This usually means that she’s quite clear weaknesses to match these strengths, and that is what any winner needs if they want to get balanced.

Neeko as support or jungler

If your staff is geared toward rapid endings and damn teamfights, however, you must run directly over her. Evidently, there are a number of exceptions, but we discovered that the theory holds up. Among the most impressive sections of her layout is the capability to conduct several functions, such as support and jungle, without feeling overly powerful or too weak in some of these. In reality, so long as you understand how to play with her and the function, you ought to be just nice. That is not something which could be said for each other new winner.

Neeko lol champion

Needless to say, our stance can change if we view experts get a hold of her if the different regional leagues start in January. For the time being, however, Neeko is ideal just where she is at.

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