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Likktir – The end of the career

Today on the official website of the League of Legends was published disciplinary decision regarding Cyril “Likkrit” Malofeeva, Riot Games conducted an investigation into the recent incident and determined the severity of the violation. Recall that recently Cyril Malofeev on one of his streams spoke sharply about the state of the gaming community, the policy of the company Riot Games, as well as the situation in the CIS region as a whole. His performance did not go unnoticed, the player’s behavior was recognized unprofessional and violated a number of points in the Continental League Regulations, as a result of which Riot Games decided to disqualify the player from competitive games for 6 months.

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“According to Riot Games, there is every reason to recognize the conduct of Likkrit as unprofessional in accordance with the provisions of 10.2 of the Regulations and the imposition of punishment on the basis of the provision 10.2.8.

Taking into account the severity of the consequences caused by the statements of Kirill Malofeev for the reputation of Riot Games, League of Legends and the Continental League, as well as the re-application of disciplinary sanctions (suspension from participation in competitions in May 2017), Riot Games decides on the player’s disqualification from participation in the competition for the League of Legends for six months, starting from December 18, 2017 “.

P.S. Likkrit we will miss you

Cyril Malofeev – an excellent player, gave the entire community League of Legends many memorable moments. It was he, representing the CIS region, who dashed enemy Nexus in a legendary match against ROX Tigers for seceding from the group at the 2016 World Cup.

Likkrit took part in all key e-sports projects implemented by Riot Games for the CIS region: the Battle of Universities, the LCL Open Cup, the Continental League. He became known to the broad community of players of the League of Legends, participating in the competitive programs of the Russian-language server and representing our region at international tournaments.

In Cyril’s remarks, we heard a good deal of useful criticism. Unfortunately, the robust grain was spoiled by toxic statements and insults to both the entire League of Legends gaming community in the CIS and Riot Games.

For a systemic display of disrespect in the game and beyond, Riot Games punishes cyber-athletes around the world. We do not consider insults to be an acceptable means of communication in the sports environment that we create. We hope that the disciplinary decision will help Likkrit to return to what we consider to be his best manifestations, and he will be able to once again deserve the honor of representing the region at international competitions

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